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Wisdom Teeth

Remove impacted wisdom teeth with minimal fuss

As wisdom teeth don’t erupt through your gum until after the rest of the adult teeth have already done so, often there isn’t enough room for them to erupt fully. If your wisdom tooth can only partially erupt, it is impacted and a potential infection risk.

Is your wisdom tooth causing you pain or discomfort, particularly when you bite on it? Your wisdom tooth may be impacted, or require a filling, given that wisdom teeth are just as susceptible to decay as your other teeth. Your dentist will be able to advise you as to whether you need to have your wisdom teeth removed at our practice near Brighton, or whether there is another problem that is causing you pain.

Wisdom tooth removal near Brighton is particularly requisite in the cases of recurrent pericoronitis, which is when the soft tissues surrounding an impacted tooth are inflamed. In the first instance of wisdom tooth discomfort, your dentist will assess your tooth in order to decide upon treatment. He or she will need to check that there is no relationship between the lower wisdom teeth roots to the interior dental nerve, before extraction can be a possibility.

You may have heard upsetting accounts of wisdom tooth removal, but please be assured, that we will do everything we can to make it as comfortable as possible for you. Local anaesthetic will be administered prior to treatment to numb the area so you won’t actually feel any pain during the procedure.

Your dentist will advise you as to how to best care for the extraction site following the procedure to keep it clear from infection. Over-the-counter painkillers should keep pain away in the days following the extraction and within 1 to 2 weeks, your gums will be more comfortable. The monotonous pain associated with impacted wisdom teeth will be gone.

Please bear in mind that in severe cases, a patient suffering from lower impacted wisdom teeth, may need an oral surgery referral to the hospital.

For more information about wisdom teeth removal in Brighton or to book an appointment with a member of our team, please contact us today. Call us on 01903 813212, email or complete our contact form.

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Everything you need to know

Does everyone have 4 wisdom teeth?

Not everybody has wisdom teeth. You might have 2, you might have 4, or you might have none at all. If you do have them, wisdom teeth tend to push through the gums when you’re in your late teens or early 20s.

How do you know if your wisdom teeth should be removed?

If your wisdom teeth are not causing you any problems, then there is no need to have them removed. However, if they are impacted, meaning there is not enough room for them to erupt fully through the gum and they’re causing you repeated episodes of pain and infection, it’s advisable to have them removed. If your wisdom teeth are not fully through the gum, they are more susceptible to decay, gum disease and pain.

How long will it take to heal?

You will start to feel more comfortable in 1 to 2 weeks following the procedure, but the gum tissue will continue healing for up to 4 weeks. The healing of the bone can continue for up to 8 months following extraction.

What are the symptoms of impacted wisdom teeth?

Is your face swollen, or are you in pain? Perhaps you have swollen glands and a fever running alongside your toothache? Jaw stiffness and irritation from your tooth rubbing on your cheek are also symptoms. If you are suffering from any of these, please give us a call to book a consultation.

What does wisdom tooth removal involve?

You may have local or general anaesthetic to numb the tooth before it is extracted. The dentist will open the gum tissue and remove the tooth. It is sometimes necessary to remove the tooth in small pieces. Following the extraction, the gums will be stitched.

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