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Sports Guards

Protect against sports injuries and damage caused by tooth grinding

Using a sports guard is an effective way to protect your teeth when playing sports, particularly contact sports, such as rugby and football. Given how common sporting injuries to teeth are, a dental mouth guard will absorb the impact of any blows you experience whilst playing and prevent your teeth from becoming cracked, loose, falling out or damaged to the point of extraction.

Our dentists will create a custom fit mouth guard for you, that is comfortable to wear and capable of absorbing force applied to the face effectively. They can even prevent jaw dislocation.

The key to an effective sports guard, is how well it fits your mouth. If you’re not thinking about your facial discomfort, you’re naturally more able to focus on the game. Here at our practice, we will take an impression of your mouth in order to ensure the sports guard is the perfect size for you. It will be created in the lab, according to our specific instructions and given dimensions.

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Everything you need to know

Will it stop my tooth grinding?

Sports guards won’t stop you from grinding your teeth. You’ll need to discover the source of your stress to stop that. However, it will protect your teeth when you do it.

How do I look after my mouth guard?

Dental guards need to be cleaned and dried thoroughly to prevent cracking. You will be advised as to whether you need to soak it.

Will I be able to speak with it on?

Custom-made mouth guards are a good fit. You will be able to speak whilst wearing it.

Will it fall out?

Custom made mouth guards won’t fall out. They are designed to fit well.

What sort of protection will it offer?

Sports guards can protect you from mid impact sports blows, such as those suffered during judo or rugby, as well as high impact blows, common to taking part in hockey, lacrosse and boxing.

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