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Solutions for tooth grinding and orthodontic issues

If your teeth, fillings or crowns keep breaking, or you discover your teeth are loose, this could be due to occlusion problems. Do you suffer from headaches, jawache, neckache, pain when you open or close your mouth, or mouth stiffness? These are all symptoms of occlusion complaints. Dental occlusion is the medical term for the way in which your upper and lower teeth meet, otherwise known as your bite. Bite problems are very common, but treatable.

The most common treatments for alleviating the pain, frustration and damaged teeth associated with occlusion problems include restoring broken or missing teeth, having teeth adjusted to meet more evenly and wearing braces. Mouth guards also help occlusion problems by alleviating damage cause by bruxing; the clenching and grinding of your teeth.

Grinding your teeth, either when you sleep, or in stressful situations is another bite problem. Having missing teeth can lead naturally to an unbalanced bite. You may have an overbite, underbite crossbite or open bite; all of these terms refer to the problem of your teeth not meeting each other ideally in your mouth.

If your bite is causing you pain, stiffness, muscle ache or is wearing down and breaking your teeth, it’s advisable to seek treatment. We can assess and advise on your bite during your initial consultation with us. If you do need tooth alignment, a mouthguard, or replacement teeth to solve your bite issues, we can help.

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Everything you need to know

What is occlusion?

Occlusion is how your upper teeth meet your lower teeth. It’s also known as your bite.

What is malocclusion?

This is the technical word for having problems with your bite.

What are the symptoms of occlusion problems?

Headaches, click sounds in your jaw, sore mouth and grinding your teeth at night are all associated with malocclusion.

What treatments are available?

It depends on your individual occlusion problem. Braces can be used to bring your bite into alignment. Mouth guards will help you from wearing down your teeth when you grind them. Replacement teeth will prevent your bite from becoming unbalanced.

What are the different forms of occlusion problems?

An overbite is when your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth and an underbite is the opposite. An openbite means there is no overlap between opposing teeth at the front and a gap is present when the side teeth meet. A crossbite is when either your upper or lower jaw is wider or narrower than its counterpart.

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