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A solution to tooth decay that avoids the need for a crown

Inlays are large fillings, which are more appropriate for your back teeth. If you have pain in your molars, it could be due to decay. To fit an inlay, your dentist will remove the damaged part of your tooth before rebuilding it using a porcelain or composite filling.

The inlay is the filling that sits in the hole created where the decay has been removed. It is hard wearing and long lasting to best allow for chewing in this back part of the mouth. Mild to moderately cracked or decayed teeth are ideal candidates for inlays. As long as you have enough healthy tooth left, an inlay will help you avoid the need for a crown. Inlays help strengthen your teeth and reduce the need for more complicated dental procedures in the future.

Once your dentist has examined your mouth and identified the need for an inlay, you will make an appointment to have the inlay prepared. During this appointment, your dentist will give you a local anaesthetic to make your back tooth numb, before a drill is used to remove the decayed area.

An impression will be made of the teeth using dental putty. This is then sent off to the lab, where the custom inlay will be created for you. When the inlay is sent to your dentist, you will pay us another visit to have it bonded to your tooth.

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Everything you need to know

How do I know if I need an inlay?

If your back tooth has developed decay, you may need an inlay. Your dentist will advise you.

What's the difference between an inlay and a filling?

Fillings usually restore a small decayed area, whereas inlays are more effective for larger areas of decay, because they are stronger and last longer.

What does inlay treatment involve?

A drill will be used to remove decay and a mould of your tooth will be made. This will allow your dentist to create a well-fitting custom-made inlay, which will then be bonded to your tooth.

How will I look with an inlay in place?

Inlays are very discreet. They’ll be colour matched to your teeth.

Does inlay treatment hurt?

A local anaesthetic will be administered to make the treatment as comfortable as possible for you.

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