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Dental Implants

Permanent replacement teeth that look natural

Our dental implants in Brighton are a permanent replacement for teeth, consisting of a titanium root and a natural looking crown. The root is fitted into your jawbone and allowed to heal before the crown is added to the top. This gives the dental implant a chance to fuse to the bone.

The implant result is a secure, artificial tooth, that looks and feels like a natural tooth. Our dentists in Brighton are highly experienced at placing dental implants safely. If you’d like to have a dental implant surgically placed, we can refer you, after we’ve examined your mouth to determine suitability.

Dental implants have many advantages over living with tooth loss, or wearing traditional dentures. They don’t move in your mouth, you won’t experience any shrinkage of the jawbone and your cheek muscles won’t waste away, causing you prematurely wrinkled lips.

To ensure you are a suitable candidate for dental implants in Brighton, your jawbone will be assessed. The quantity and quality of the bone present in your jaw is key to effective dental implants. The dental implants procedure itself involves a local anaesthetic, so it’s not painful. A temporary crown will be fitted to the dental implant, after the healing process has begun and a few months later, your permanent crown will be added.

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Everything you need to know

Is it painful?

A local anaesthetic is used prior to the procedure so no, it is not painful. Painkillers can be taken afterward implant treatment to reduce inflammation and pain.

How long does it take?

This depends on how complicated the procedure will be according to the quality of your jawbone. Usually the placing of the implant takes less than an hour, however a crown won’t be fitted until a few months afterwards. The implants need to heal and to fuse to the bone before the crown can be attached.

Can you restore my implants?

Yes, we offer a full implant restoration service.

Can anyone have implants?

Whether or not you’re a suitable candidate for implants depends on the health of your jawbone.

How do I look after my implants?

You’ll need to brush your implants as you would your normal teeth. Special care may be advised and instructed by your hygienist.

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