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High quality replacement teeth

Wearing dentures is the ideal solution to adult tooth loss. Are you embarrassed about the gaps in your smile? Are you struggling to eat certain foods? Here at our practice, we offer a comprehensive range of denture designs to provide you with natural-looking, secure and effective replacement teeth. You’ll be able to enjoy your food again, speak more clearly and your smile will be restored.

Dentures consist of a dental plate, custom fitted to your mouth, with high quality replica teeth attached. This plate will either be anchored permanently into your mouth using implants, or will be removable. Removable dentures are either clasped and designed to rest on your remaining teeth, or held in place with suction. You will be able to discuss your denture options with our highly experienced denture provider during your consultation.

Removable dentures are held in place with suction in the case of the upper jaw, or by sitting securely on top of the muscles, in the case of the lower jaw. Clasping remaining teeth makes dentures very secure. The key to having dentures, which won’t fall out when you’re least expecting it, and don’t move around inside your mouth, is a good fit. Our experienced dental team will take impressions of your mouth to ensure a comfortable and snug fit.

A full set of implant dentures can be held in place with as few as 6 implants. An implant is a titanium root, which is placed in the jaw and fixed to the bone. A crown is then fitted to the top to give the appearance of a natural looking tooth. Implant dentures are long lasting and permanent, with the added benefit of protecting your jawbone and cheek muscles from atrophy. They are cleaned as you would clean your natural teeth.

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Everything you need to know

What do implant dentures involve?

A number of implants will be fitted into your jawbone, upon which dentures will be attached, providing you with the required amount of replacement teeth. The permanent crowns of the implants, will be fitted at a slightly later date, once the roots have properly healed. These dentures remain in your mouth and are cleaned with a toothbrush, just as you would clean your original teeth. The implant and denture crowns will look just like natural teeth.

Will I only be able to eat soft foods?

There will be a period of time immediately after having dentures fitted, when you’ll be getting used to chewing using your new teeth. You will be advised to eat soft foods at first, before returning to a more varied diet.

What holds the dentures in place?

Removable dentures are held in place by clasps and rest seats in the case of cobalt chrome dentures. Suction created by the tongue and teeth may be also be used on the upper row. The lower plate sits comfortably and securely on the lower jaw muscles. Implant dentures, on the other hand, are attached to your jaw via the implants, which are placed in the jawbone.

How do I wash my dentures?

Implant dentures should be brushed twice daily using a toothbrush. Removable dentures should be rinsed and washed using denture cleaner and a soft brush. You may need to soak your dentures at night and you may need to allow time for them to dry before you put them away, to avoid cracking. Your dentist will advise you on the best way to look after your dentures.

Will removable dentures move in my mouth?

The custom fit means they will be very secure. However, if your jawbone changes and you experience movement, you may need to let us know, so that we can make any required adjustments.

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