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Air Flow

Tooth cleaning and whitening technology

Our Air Flow teeth whitening near Brighton will clean your teeth using a cutting edge polishing machine. The machine works by administering a jet of compressed air, water and particles of powder. It is a fast and efficient way to remove stains and discolouration, as well as any plaque you may be harbouring.

Following our Air Flow teeth whitening near Brighton, your teeth will feel cleaner and look brighter and whiter following an air flow polish, but should your teeth still be a darker colour than you would like following stain removal, you can use air flow as a preparation treatment before embarking on an Enlighten bleaching procedure. Air flow teeth whitening not only improves your smile aesthetically, but also reduces your chances of getting gum disease.

If you have crowns, veneers, bridges, implants, or sensitive teeth, air flow teeth whitening will gently clean them, along with your natural teeth from every angle, to ensure no food deposits or plaque remain. Stains will be greatly reduced.

The teeth whitening procedure is not unpleasant. There’s no scraping along the gums and no risk of damage to your tooth enamel, as no heat or vibrations are produced by the tool used. The treatment is comfortable and the powders are flavoured to make the whole procedure more comfortable, ensuring that you enjoy your time at our practice near Brighton.

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Everything you need to know

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment takes just 20 minutes.

Does it hurt?

The treatment is painless and even leaves a pleasant taste in your mouth.

Is it suitable for sensitive teeth?

Given the lack of vibrations or heat used in this procedure, you will not experience any sensitivity. Thanks to the fact that the power particles cover sensitive areas on your teeth, you may even feel reduced sensitivity following treatment.

What sort of stains will air flow remove?

Stains that have occurred through drinking coffee, tea, red wine and eating highly coloured foods, will be greatly reduced afterwards. Age-related discolouration and tobacco stains are also treated.

Is it safe to use air flow treatment on crowns?

Air flow treatment can be used safely on prostheses, such as implants, crowns, veneers or bridges.

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