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Our membership plan is a cost effective way to spread the costs of your dental treatment, ensure you attend regular appointments to maintain healthy teeth and gums and get a bit of discount. We have a few plans available, each of which involve monthly payments. For full details, please contact the reception team.

Discover Our Membership Plans

Our membership plans are designed to make dental care both affordable and accessible while encouraging regular check-ups for healthy teeth and gums. We offer several plans with convenient monthly payment options. For full plan details, please reach out to our reception team. Here’s an overview of what our membership includes:

  • Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme*: You can request assistance in the event of Dental Trauma, Dental Emergency, and Oral Cancer Redundancy.
  • Redundancy Cover: Our plan provides coverage for redundancy situations.
  • Flexible Membership Levels: Tailored to your personal needs, we offer membership levels ranging from 2 to 6 hygiene visits per year, in addition to your 2 examination appointments. Your dentist will determine the appropriate membership level during your examination appointment.

*The Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme was established to provide support and assistance to dental plan patients facing dental trauma, dental emergencies, or oral cancer. The scheme responds to assistance requests on a wholly discretionary basis. This means that while the scheme aims to provide benefits in most cases, it is not obligated to provide any benefit unless it determines, at its sole discretion, that it should do so. The Scheme Handbook provides more details about situations where assistance may or may not be provided. Each request is individually assessed to determine eligibility for benefits.visit websitemy review hereswiss movement replica watchamazon phone casesburga phone casescheck this link right here now

Please be aware that certain restrictions and limitations may apply even if a request is accepted, and the Scheme may decide not to provide any benefit in some cases.

Join Now

Interested in joining our membership plans? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly reception team.

Dental Membership in Steyning, Sussex - Down House Dental Practice