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Can Invisalign fix my bite - Down House Dental Practice in Steyning SussexWe talk a lot about transforming smiles here at Down House Dental, but braces began with correcting teeth first, smiles second. While the two have become inseparable now, a lot of patients still want to get their treatment and money’s worth by improving their bite while the work to achieve their new smile. Of course, the cosmetic benefits of Invisalign are well-documented as the braces themselves are clear and discreet, but do they help correct mouth function too?

The bite problems Invisalign can address

  • Gapped teeth leave your teeth and more gums more susceptible to disease and decay because of the vulnerability the spaces incur. Treatment with Invisalign can close these gaps to better the dental health of your teeth.
  • Overly crowded teeth are difficult to clean and therefore heighten your chances of decay and cavities. They can also impair mouth function and ache when at rest and in motion because of the two rows of teeth’s inability to fit together properly.
  • A deep bite is similar to an overbite and places a lot of pressure on the lower teeth. It is characterised by the upper row of teeth biting over the lower, wearing them down and even pushing them backwards to form a bit of a slope. This causes wear and tear as well as teeth and jaw ache.
  • An underbite is when the lower row of teeth bites over the top of the upper row, causing joint and jaw ache as well as limiting mouth function. It can misplace pressure onto the molars, causing wear and tear.
  • An open bite can cause poor or painful chewing, a speech impediment, and even lead to TMJ disorder (or temporomandibular joint disorder) which is when the jaw pops, clicks, or locks.
  • A crossbite causes one or more of the upper teeth to bite on the inside of the lower teeth. This can be detrimental to your jaw health if the crossbite worsens and can also affect your mouth function when resting and in motion.

Invisalign is one of the only discreet brace systems that doesn’t just focus on the ‘social six’ teeth, which are the ones immediately visible at the front of your mouth when you smile. Because the aligner trays are made from impressions of your whole mouth, not just the front teeth, they are made to straighten your whole set of teeth. They are custom-built to your needs, so you can rest assured that even your troublesome back teeth or the canines you never thought would straighten are treated.

Healthier teeth

Invisalign can help you achieve healthier teeth in general, because the straightening and aligning of your teeth create a more even surface. This means that food debris and bacteria don’t have as many ridges and crevices to get stuck in and they’re far easier to clean as they are a more even canvas. This lessens your chances of developing cavities and decay through uneven teeth, and even closing the gaps in your teeth can protect the gums beneath.

Braces transform smiles, this is true, but here in Steyning they also transform your mouth function and bite. Discover more when you enquire online or speak to a member of the team to book your initial consultation.

Why Choose Down House Dental Practice for Invisalign?


Experienced Providers

Our skilled dental professionals specialise in Invisalign treatments, ensuring expertise and precision.

Customised Treatment:

We create personalised Invisalign plans tailored to your unique needs and smile goals.

Reasonable Pricing

Our Invisalign Lite treatment starts from just £4,750, making it accessible for a wide range of patients.

Transparent Fees

We believe in clear and upfront pricing, so you know the cost of your treatment without surprises.

Advanced Technology

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology, ensuring accuracy and comfort during Invisalign treatment.

Comfortable and Discreet

Invisalign offers a comfortable, virtually invisible orthodontic solution for a more confident smile.

Comprehensive Care

We provide a full range of dental services, ensuring all aspects of your oral health are covered.

Patient-Centred Approach

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. We take the time to address your concerns and ensure a pleasant experience.
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What Our Patients Say

Kevin Morris
Kevin Morris
Clare with her team provided a dental filling experience that was explained very well and performed professionally with courtesy and understanding.
Graham Cooper
Graham Cooper
Dr Ali was very good with giving me advice about my tretment for a broken tooth. I would recommend him as a dentist.
Penny Greenfield
Penny Greenfield
There's always a warm welcome from all staff at Down House Dental Practice. I've been a patient for many years. My present dentist is gentle and most reassuring. I've had a few different treatments and nothing is too much trouble. After a particularly difficult session i had a call from Claire (dentist) to see how I was. Both Claire and her nurse, Catherine are professional and sympathetic and I know I'm in very safe hands. Not forgetting Tesh, the hygienist who is always so efficient and gives great advice and care. Thank you Down House Surgery, you are a great team.
Al and Pam Turner
Al and Pam Turner
Excellent work by my dentist, Ali Noori.
Very happy with this practice. Tesh is a brilliant hygienist & a lovely person
Valerie Holden
Valerie Holden
All the staff are amazingly friendly . They always make you feel at ease by explaining what is going to happen. A lovely dentist practice highly recommended
Kate Gover
Kate Gover
Clare is an excellent dentist: incredibly friendly, highly professional and very kind. I can highly recommend her.
Adrian Ridley
Adrian Ridley
Very efficient service with professional and friendly staff. They ane always brilliant with our children who are registered with this practice. They explain everything clearly and put them at ease. Highly recommend and wish we could be registered as NHS patients too! 😊
mark Trickey
mark Trickey
Why use the NHS when you can use the best. Teeth are a precious commodity and Down House Dental Practice is worth every penny. I lost a gold crown the other day. On a Sunday. Refitted within 48 hours.
Emma Cripps
Emma Cripps
Friendly professional and they allow ESA dogs in

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