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Dental Hygienist in Steyning, Sussex

The best way to prevent painful future dental problems is by ensuring you maintain healthy gums, as well as your overall oral hygiene. Our regular dental hygienist appointments in Steyning, Sussex are a chance for you to voice any dental concerns you may have and stop plaque spreading before it causes gum disease.

Protects against gum disease and bad breath

Dental Hygienist AirFlow Teeth Whitening in Steyning, Sussex - Down House Dental PracticePreventative oral hygiene measures make it far less likely that you will have to undergo corrective dental treatment, or suffer from adult tooth loss. During your 30 minute appointment, your gums will be examined and any stains on your teeth will be removed via a scale and polish treatment. If you suffer from bad breath, your dental hygienist near Brighton will look for the underlying cause.

  • Helps prevent future dental problems
  • Puts an end to bad breath
  • Have your teeth thoroughly cleaned
  • Gum examination
  • Invaluable oral hygiene advice provided

When we brush our teeth, we don’t always manage to remove all the food deposits from our last meal. When food deposits linger, they can cause tooth decay and lead to plaque. Detecting these food deposits and removing them before your teeth begin to decay will reduce your chances of having fillings. Treating plaque before it becomes gum disease means you won’t have to undergo corrective gum therapy.

Our dental hygienist in Steyning, Sussex will advise you as the best tooth cleaning techniques to ensure you help yourself to keep your teeth cleaner and healthier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I visit the hygienist?

Our hygienist and dentist will advise you on the frequency of hygiene visits required. We have four membership plans available with 2,3,4 and 6 hygiene visits included per year. The hygienist is also available to non-plan patients on a private fee paying basis. We believe visiting your hygienist on a regular basis, will help protect you from serious dental problems.

Do you offer direct access hygiene appointments?

Yes, we do. A direct access hygiene appointment means you can see a hygienist without first having to see a dentist.

What does scaling involve?

Scaling will remove hard deposits from your teeth that are difficult to get rid of using just a tooth brush. This treatment help prevent plaque from forming.

What sort of advice will I receive?

The hygiene advice provided will be based on each individual. If you have any concerns, the hygienist will address them. You will also be given the information needed to help prevent common dental problems from occurring.

Why Choose Down House Dental Practice for Dental Hygiene Services?


Expert Hygienists

Our skilled and experienced hygienists provide top-notch care and preventive advice.

Comprehensive Cleanings

We offer thorough dental cleanings, removing plaque and tartar for optimal oral health.

Personalised Care

Tailored hygiene plans address your unique needs and goals.

Advanced Technology

We use state-of-the-art equipment for efficient and comfortable cleanings.


Enjoy quality dental hygiene services starting from just £72.


Conveniently schedule hygiene appointments to fit your busy lifestyle.
Down House Dental Practice - Dentist in Steyning Sussex

What Our Patients Say

Based on 62 reviews
Lucy MacDonald
Lucy MacDonald
Highly recommended this Practice. They are great with my kids and have been looking after us as a family for almost 10 years now. Had my first hygienist appointment yesterday and I was very impressed. Professional, kind and flexible Practice with great staff.
whp Jesse
whp Jesse
The dentist and dental nurse were very helpful, friendly and efficient.
Stephanie Grant
Stephanie Grant
I can't speak highly enough of Down House dental practice. The whole staff is excellent and I have had brilliant treatment there.
Pete Evans
Pete Evans
Had nothing but positive experiences. Learned more about dental hygiene here than any of the previous practises I've been to.
Katie Mason
Katie Mason
This review is for Tesh the hygenist. I honestly can't recommend Tesh more highly. He is incredibly thorough and clearly knows what he's doing. Tesh is so good I have upped the amount of times I see him to every four months rather than every six. He keeps detailed notes of every visit so he can carefully track how I'm doing and help me target specific areas of concern. As I am getting older keeping my gums healthy becomes more important as I really want to keep as many teeth as possible in old age! Tesh is always upbeat, very encouraging and also keen to know how I and my family are doing.
Steve Handerer
Steve Handerer
Good dentist, well organised. Dental plan helps with cost.
Nigel Abbott
Nigel Abbott
Needed an emergency appointment, ,managed to get me seen and sorted within 2hrs, excellent service, very professional staff, fees very reasonable, all in all a pleasant experience under the circumstances
Graham Cooper
Graham Cooper
Dr Ali was very good with giving me advice about my tretment for a broken tooth. I would recommend him as a dentist.

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We are conveniently located at 📍17 Church Street, Steyning, West Sussex BN44 3YB📍You can access our expert dental services by car or by  public transportation with ease.

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Dental Hygienist AirFlow Teeth Whitening in Steyning, Sussex - Down House Dental Practice