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A survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry revealed that 50% of participants believed that discoloured teeth were a sign of poor hygiene. This is obviously a very upsetting reveal if your own teeth have yellowed with age, as they naturally do, or through no fault of your own, you have stains on your teeth that no amount of brushing will remove. Presumably the last thing you want is your teeth to be transmitting false information about how much you wash! There are natural methods of tooth whitening that you can find all over the internet. Adverts will jump out at you, with seemingly plenty of bloggers and vloggers keen to offer advice, but the question you need to ask yourself is how qualified are these people to provide you with teeth whitening suggestions.



Any dentist will agree that there are certain foods; such as curry, berries, tea and coffee, that will stain your teeth if you consume them in excess, but if you’re reading this post, the chances are your teeth have already experienced some discolouration and you’re looking for stain removal methods.



A couple of years ago there was a huge craze for the natural whitening benefits of rubbing charcoal onto your teeth. Seemingly everyone was having a go; particularly because so many people in the public eye were endorsing it. Big names in the dental industry were forced to address this issue publicly, because although the charcoal, was whitening teeth, it was also forcibly removing enamel from teeth; making them more likely to chip or crack, not to mention more likely to discolour further and be more sensitive to temperature.



Here at Down House Dental we provide an Enlighten teeth whitening service, which will restore the whiteness of your smile. With our experienced practitioners in charge, you’ll achieve a much more reliable and even result than with any home kit and the results will last longer too – for up to 2 years.




How does the Enlighten teeth whitening process work?



Perhaps you’ve tried a home whitening kit and been dissatisfied with the results? This is the case with a lot of our patients. The Enlighten process is much more effective, simply because it involves more active ingredients; ingredients that have to be handled carefully by a professional dentist.



The process is similar, but more comfortable. You will fill 2 trays with the Enlighten solution and place those trays over your teeth; one for the top row and one for the bottom. However, because the trays we provide will be custom made to fit your mouth, they’ll be a lot more comfortable to wear over a few hours than the one-size-fits-all version that you’ll get in a home whitening kit.



Additionally, to provide expert results, your dentist will prepare your teeth carefully, so that they’re professionally cleaned and in the best possible state to receive the whitening solution and achieve a much lighter shade. Potentially up to 16 shades lighter!



If you’re fed up of home whitening kits, or you simply want to spend your money wisely first time on a treatment you know will work, please give us a call here at our dental studio to book your appointment.