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Teeth whitening is an extremely popular treatment that, with the Enlighten system, could improve your smile by up to 16 shades. However, there are certain foods and drinks that can affect your teeth whitening results and leave stubborn stains on your newly brightened teeth. How do you maintain your teeth whitening results, and which foods and drinks will affect their brightness?


Drinks that stain your teeth

Can’t go without your morning cup of tea, or your post-lunch reenergising coffee? Well, tea and coffee could be affecting your teeth whitening results more than you know! This is because these drinks are made from organic ingredients like beans and leaves, which contain naturally-occurring tannins. These tannins are rich in taste and pigment, but they’re also stubborn and stain your teeth a brown-yellow colour. Try to lessen how much you drink them post-teeth whitening so you don’t encounter unwelcome staining!

Wine, both red and white, are bad for teeth staining too. Red wine is full of these tannins from the grape skins used in its productions and, while they provide it with a hearty flavour and colouring, still stain your teeth. Even white wine doesn’t offer much relief from discolouring your teeth, though it doesn’t achieve this through pigments. White wine has heavy acid content, which can erode and thin your enamel and reveal the naturally yellow dentin beneath.


Foods that stain your teeth

Foods like curries use beautiful colours and pigments to brighten then dishes. These are either natural or artificial, but they also contribute to teeth staining. Because teeth whitening makes your teeth even whiter and brighter than before, you could be creating much more of a contrast between these stains and your now pearly whites.

Pigmented fruits, similar to coffee and tea, also contain rich tannins that give them their beautifully bright pigments. Blackberries, blueberries, and pomegranates are known to leave purple-red stains on your teeth after snacking on them. After you’ve eaten or drank something with strong pigments and staining power, make sure you lubricate your mouth with water. This will help wash away any residual juices, but it will also stop your mouth from drying out. A dry mouth can make these pigments even more stubborn, so water is your best friend in maintaining your teeth whitening results!


At-home care for teeth whitening results

Make sure you keep up your own teeth cleaning efforts at home to maintain your teeth whitening results. This will scrub away the stains, help prevent decay, and keep your enamel strong so your naturally yellow dentin won’t show through the surface. Use toothpastes and mouthwashes with whitening properties to boost your results, but you may also choose to top-up your treatment results with at-home teeth whitening, which we also provide.


If you’d like to find out more about teeth whitening here in Brighton, get in touch with Down House Dental Practice today! Arrange your first initial consultation and we’ll create a teeth whitening plan unique to your needs.