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Nowadays, it can be difficult to find products that are both safe and effective. Sometimes it transpired that you could only pick one, and you either ended up with great results but a lot of discomfort, or nothing to write home about but comfort and ease. Teeth whitening is one of these treatments that, when done right, can be transformative, but when you cut corners you could risk the health of your teeth. Teeth whitening and tooth sensitivity seemingly go hand in hand, a lot of products carry that warning, but is there a teeth whitening treatment that doesn’t cause sensitive teeth? Let’s find out…

Charcoal teeth whitening

Charcoal teeth whitening is one of those teeth whitening treatments that has bloomed all over social media. If you’re a user of Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen influencers brushing their teeth with black toothpaste, and this is the product we’re talking about. While charcoal does contain whitening agents, the graininess and chunkiness of it that is used in the toothpaste is not kind to your teeth. The sand-like texture forcibly erodes the enamel on your teeth, which causes sensitivity. Also, with it being a toothpaste, you’d think you could use this product daily or twice-daily, right? Well, most manufacturers only recommend using it 2-3 times a week, and only once on these chosen days. For those who don’t read the label or the small-print, you’re going to be forcibly removing your enamel daily, leading to a lot of sensitivity.

LED teeth whitening

This is another teeth whitening kit that has seen a rise in popularity and exposure over the past couple of years. Even minor celebrities have been using these kits to whiten their teeth. This treatment usually consists of a mouthguard with an LED light attached to it, and it comes with activator gels. The gel is slathered over your teeth and mouth guard, the LED light is turned on, and the bleach in the gel is activated to whiten your teeth. While a lot of companies state that the bleach concentrations are safe for teeth, it could actually be unsafe for your mouth tissues. These teeth whitening products come with warnings that state they may cause irritation if the gel comes into contact with your gums or is swallowed. This is a tall order to ask when a) you are covering your teeth in the stuff, and b) you need to swallow saliva run-off from having the applicator in your mouth. This one may not cause sensitive teeth, but they don’t guarantee you comfort either.

Teeth whitening for sensitive teeth

Teeth whitening for sensitive teeth may seem like wishful thinking, but it’s actually possible if you find the right product. For example, we offer in-practice treatment and at-home teeth whitening using the Enlighten system, one of the leading products for sensitive teeth whitening. Enlighten doesn’t wear away or thin out the enamel on your teeth in order to remove stains. In fact, it doesn’t touch the enamel at all. It increases your teeth’s permeability to oxygen, which when absorbed breaks down the staining and discolouration. It’s one of the safest and the most effective teeth whitening treatments on the market currently, and we offer it right here at Down House Dental Practice.

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