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Many of us are guilty of habits that we suspect, or even know, may damage our teeth. Yet we still do them. Why? Is it because we know modern cosmetic dentistry techniques will restore our teeth to their former glory so we can afford to be lazy? They can by the way!

Our dental practice in Worthing has a team of highly qualified, very experienced cosmetic dentists who can repair and brighten teeth, as well as provide you with natural looking prosthetic teeth to enhance your smile, should you have lost any of your original teeth.

Let’s have a look at some of the habits that can cause damage to your teeth, as well as the treatment we can offer to make your teeth shiny and more attractive looking.

1. Staining teeth:

Some food and drink stains our teeth more easily than others. Commonly cited culprits include tea, coffee, curry and red wine, but did you know that berries and balsamic vinegar do something similar, while fizzy drinks will break down tooth enamel, giving you a discoloured look.

We offer a tooth whitening service here at our Worthing practice. We use leading brand whiteners to brighten your teeth by several shades and shift stains that whitening toothpaste simply can’t. Unlike with home kits, we’ll prepare your teeth professionally ahead of receiving the whitening gel in order to ensure that you get the maximum effects. The products we use provide even, predictable results and last up to 2 years.

2. Tooth grinding:

If you’re prone to grinding your teeth, we can’t stop the source of your stress, but we can prevent tooth damage from occurring during the night by providing you with a mouth guard which will protect your teeth from being chipped or cracked as a result of your repetitive jaw movements. We can also repair and restore teeth that have been damaged due to teeth grinding.

Dental veneers are tiny slivers of porcelain, which have been accurately shaped to fit your individual teeth. Once bonded to your teeth by our Worthing-based dentist, your tooth damage should be invisible. For more extensive chipping and cracking, we can fit a cap, or crown, over the top of the tooth. Again this can be created to look just like the tooth you lost.

3. Neglecting to replace missing teeth:

Have you lost a tooth, or had one removed, without seeking a prosthetic alternative? It’s obviously your choice to do so, but did you know that you could be causing jawbone atrophy? Jawbones need to be stimulated by natural or artificial tooth roots in order to remain healthy. If you have any area of exposed gum in your mouth, your jawbone below may be deteriorating. This process can cause the ‘caved in’ look you may associate with traditional denture wearers. The wrinkled lips and sallow cheeks can age your looks prematurely.

To correct the results of your bad all habits via treatment at our modern cosmetic dentistry practice, please get in touch to book a consultation. We’ll be happy to find an appointment at a time that suits you.