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Nervous Patients

Not everyone’s idea of a fun afternoon is going to the dentist. In fact, one in four of us dread visiting the dentist. When we avoid the dentist, we compromise our own dental and general health, because simple and treatable complaints can grow into more hostile dental problems that could have been prevented. We at Downhouse Dental Practice in the heart of Sussex understand your dental anxiety and can offer you support so you can maintain your dental health and feel confident in our care.

Dental phobia is the main reason patients delay or put off having dental treatment. Many patients live with discomfort, pain, and treatable conditions that can ultimately lead to gum disease and tooth loss because of their dental anxiety, and often don’t take action until it is too late. Our attentive and friendly staff at Downhouse Dental Practice understand your anxieties and will endeavour to keep you as calm, comfortable, and confident in our care as we are. Please don’t jeopardise your dental and overall health, we can help!

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